A Business Continuity Plan will help safeguard your organization from disaster.


What will you do if an emergency strikes your business? Whether human error or naturally caused, when systems go down, time is money.

Steps To Create Your Business Continuity Plan:

Understand Your Business Risk

Step 1
Understand the Implications for Your Business:

Conduct a business impact analysis. How could a disaster, either large or small, impact your business? Identify potential events. Calculate the likelihood of occurrence and quantify the impact.

Ensure Continuity Operations

Step 4
Ensure Continuity of Operations:

Your business runs on applications, computers and networks. Can you operate if systems are down? How can you eliminate downtime? Do you have proper backup systems? Are you able to quickly recover data and how will your employees access the network?

Keep Employees Safe

Step 2
Keep Employees Safe and Informed:

Secure employee records- SSN #s, paystubs, etc. Create an internal communication plan- How will you ensure your employees are safe? Phone, email? When will you contact them?


Analyze Financial Impact

Step 5
Analyze Financial Impact:

How are you protecting your business financially? Are you compliant for industry regulations? Are you properly insured?

Keep Customers Informed

Step 3
Keep Customers Engaged and Informed:

Do you handle sensitive customer data? Is it safe and how will you let those customers know? You may be legally bound to alert them. How will you reach customers? What will you tell them?



Download our Business Continuity Checklist Here


Business Continuity Checklist

What Is The Difference Between Image Based & File Based Backup?

Image Based Backup


  • Snapshots all your files, applications and systems
  • Full system recovery
  • Failover in disaster scenarios
  • Completely automated


File Based Backup


  • Files and folders one at a time
  • Pick and choose what you want to protect
  • Manual process
  • No failover
  • Might be better for your music


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