Steps to Disaster Recovery

From Backup to Business Continuity


  1. Data is saved to the local device and replicated to the secure cloud, based on the client’s backup schedule.
  2. Image-based backup technology ensures that a “picture” of the user’s entire system is taken, so that all files, applications, emails, etc. are recoverable.
  3. Users can receive email confirmation with a “snapshot” to confirm a valid backup was taken.

System at Rest Disaster Recovery


  1. Server crashes, for example. An alert is issued.
  2. The user’s entire system can be instantly virtualized on the local device in seconds.
  3. Users can run their entire system off of the local device until the production server is restored.

System Failure Disaster Recovery


  1. Should a flood, fire or other catastrophe destroy on-site IT infrastructure, the user’s entire system can be instantly virtualized to the secure cloud.
  2. Users can run their entire network from the secure cloud for as long as necessary, until local systems and the device are restored

Local Device Virtualization Disaster Recovery

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